Matcha Green Tea Drinks and Sugar

Did You Know? I Didn’t!

Someone I know is a huge fan of the yummy Matcha Green Tea drinks, so the last time we were in our neighborhood coffee store I asked if I could see the drinks nutritional information. I am always wondering about the ingredients in everything because I try to eat and drink as healthy as possible.

But I was actually shocked at the amount of sugar in this beverage. We were shown a sheet of information that told us the amount of sugar in the medium-sized drink was 56 grams!! The number was so stunning to me that I wanted to share it with anyone else who might be interested.

I’ll Stick With My Herbal Tea!!

Author: Dianna

Dianna Donnely is the Author of “Heart Seasons: The Rainbow Revelation” Who is Passionate About a Healthy Happy Lifestyle and Easy Real Food Recipes! Real Food Meals Recipe Books Coming in the Future!

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