My First Food Photo Accepted on foodgawker! SUCCESS!

For the last several months, in addition to working on my next book, I have been studying food photography and food blogging with the goal of bringing my website to the next level. My book is the foundation of my website, but the book also highlights my passion for good, nutritious, real food and a happy healthy lifestyle. This makes the expansion to food blogging a natural next step.

With my latest blog post I feel I have reached a new level in the quality of my food photographs. So, I bravely submitted my photograph of the “Creamy Coconut Stained Glass Bundt Cake” to a website called foodgawker.

foodgawker is a curated photo gallery that allows the visual search and discovery of new recipes, techniques and ingredients to inspire culinary adventures. we publish photography submitted by food bloggers from around the world. our editors review submissions daily and choose the highest quality, most appealing images to showcase.”

Once submitted, the photograph is either accepted or rejected. I didn’t expect to get accepted with my first submission because I have read that people submit numerous photos before being accepted. But, to my delight, within about six hours I received an email telling me that my photo had been accepted!!


Coconut Bundt Cake

See the second photo from the left on the top row below. Click HERE to go to the photo on foodgawker.

The benefit of getting a photo on this website is that thousands of people all over the world have the opportunity to see it and that brings visitors directly to my website. On the first day, the visits to my blog increased by 100% from 10 different countries. Fun!!

foodgawker is the king of recipe submission sites and is very picky about their requirements for the photographs they accept. If you are interested in finding out what foodgawker is all about, visit their website for everything you will need to know about submitting your recipe photos.

Pinterest and Yummly are also top referrers and great avenues for growing your food blog.

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