Time Flies on the Pacific Ocean

Where Does The Time Go? It Literally Flies Away!

The days on my calendar keep slipping away as I just moved the projected release date for my next novel, Heart Seasons. My hope is to have my book independently published by the holidays this winter, so I must do better at prioritizing my time.

The dedicated hours and days and months it takes to write a novel can be challenging to gather together, especially when life keeps happening around you. But you MUST make time to write.

One of those life activities is my blog. I have to say though, it is breather to be able to create a blog post with multiple food photos, narrative and recipes and actually complete it in about eight hours. The feeling of accomplishment generates energy toward working on my novel.

This entire process is a balancing act and I work to perfect it from day-to-day as unforeseen challenges arise.

Heart Seasons Second Edition Cover


Enjoy this great blog post about time and writing, The most important thing I’ve learned about writing By Wendy E. N. Thomas.

Time Flies

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