Freezer Pantry Breakfast Staples for Quick Real Food Meals

Easy Real Food Meals depend on well-stocked pantries. And my freezer pantry is just as important as my regular kitchen pantry for whipping up nutritious meals quickly.

Protein can be the most time-consuming ingredient to prepare when it comes to putting together a wholesome meal. So, my freezer always has several servings of chicken breakfast sausage ready to use.

I prefer chicken sausage because there is less fat than traditional sausage and it is as tasty as other meats. Just be sure to choose the best quality you can find, always check the ingredient list for only real food ingredients.

Begin by forming the bulk ground sausage into a rectangle shape in a pan and then brown it nicely on both sides. The rectangle shape makes it easier to cut the sausage into serving sizes after it has finished cooking.

Once fully cooked and cooled, cut the sausage into smaller rectangle-sized pieces. Then place them in flat layers in a glass container or a BPA free freezer baggie and freeze.

When you’re ready to put together a quick morning meal, simply heat the sausage patties in a small pan while you make your toast. It only takes a couple of minutes.

These are great for making breakfast muffin sandwiches or can be chopped into smaller pieces for adding to scrambled eggs or omelets.


Another tasty breakfast protein to keep in your freezer pantry is turkey bacon. I use no nitrate, no nitrite and no added hormones uncured all natural turkey bacon. Check the ingredient list to avoid any unnecessary additives.

Turkey bacon is my choice because it has less fat and sodium than other types of bacon, depending on the brand you purchase.

I like to cook a large amount of turkey bacon in one cooking session, because cooking bacon can take a while. The largest pan I have only allows me to cook five pieces at a time, so I start early on my designated pantry cooking day.

It takes a couple of hours to complete the entire process, but it is well worth it. Then when I need bacon for any recipe, there it is ready to go in my freezer pantry.

Once the turkey bacon is cooked and cooled, layer the pieces in flat layers in a glass container or a BPA free freezer baggie and put it in the freezer for convenient use later.

This turkey bacon is great for breakfast sandwiches or a tasty breakfast Quiche or even old-fashioned bacon and eggs.

It also makes the quickest, easiest bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich for lunch or dinner.


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