Perfect Weather for Typing Up Loose Ends

Perfect Weather for Tying Up Loose Ends

So close now! Either tonight or tomorrow I’ll be submitting my novel Heart Seasons: A Journey of Miracles to CreateSpace for review. It certainly has been a long time coming and I am ready!! I’m also ready to get back to baking and cooking and my food photography!

Perfect Weather for Typing Up Loose Ends


Heart Seasons Second Edition Cover


Have you ever felt like God was whispering to you? I have! One sunny day in the spring of 2012, I was sitting in my favorite comfy chair, writing in my journal. From out of the blue, I began experiencing a sensation I had never felt before. I felt a calming warmth in my heart and all of a sudden, I started writing down ideas on the blank pages in my notebook, one after the other, that just came to me. It was like a message from my heart that comes and goes to this day.

I was getting inspiration on how to tell a story from my personal journals. The first thing I wrote down was its title, Heart Seasons. It would be a fictional story based on different seasons from my own real life. Each season of the novel would be defined by the colors of the rainbow. There would be seven seasons in the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The thought intuitively came to me that the seven bands of color perfectly symbolize my heart as it opens to God’s love and becomes whole. This event was truly an extraordinary “God Thing.”

Consumed with curiosity, I quickly picked up my laptop and began learning what each of the colors represents. To my surprise, the meaning of the colors correlated with the seasons I had visualized and written down only moments ago. I was instantly able to understand the connection between each color and the seasons of my heart.

On that amazing spring day, I embraced what I call “The Rainbow Revelation” as God’s plan for me to tell the story of my journey. I knew it would open with the deaths of two immediate family members and close with me experiencing a renewed and blessed way of living in God’s love after surviving a life-threatening medical crisis of my own.

The rainbow, a sign of God’s mercy and love, often appears after a storm. Many of us have weathered storms and the peace we can experience following the turmoil is a result of the miracles only God can perform. His love is our gift.

The first season of this saga is red and is the highest arc of the rainbow. The color red is an emotionally intense color and indicates strength and perseverance. It epitomizes my family members and me entering into the most devastating storm of our lives.

Violet is the seventh position of the rainbow and in the meaning of colors, violet represents the future, our dreams and faith.

Before this glorious revelation, I simply admired rainbows, but now I see them as a smile from God that reassures me I’m traveling down the right path. Whenever I see a rainbow, it is a reminder of God’s faithfulness.

This is my story and it’s my privilege to share it with you!

Lily Marie Eastbrook Rhodes

+     +     +

“For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven. . . .”
Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, NLT

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