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A spiritual fiction novel based on real life events, by Dianna Donnely.

Heart Seasons: The Rainbow Revelation by Dianna Donnely is written after the author faced a medical crisis, and it encapsulates the different periods of the author’s life. She has made it interesting and colorful by giving the sessions in the book the colors of the rainbow. The seven bands she has used symbolize the opening of her heart to God’s love and becoming whole.

The author connects each color with the seasons of her heart and she reiterates the power and love of God in our lives. The book opens with the emotionally intense color red, where readers get to see the loss of the author’s two immediate family members and her medical problem. The book is about faith, love, gratitude, and self-discovery and will inspire readers to look into their lives and have faith in God’s will. Mamta Madhavan, Readers’ Favorite – 5 Stars

Heart Seasons is a well-written book that had me laughing so hard that I had tears in my eyes at some points. It was easy to see how, while the book itself was fiction, that it was based on real moments in the author’s life. I particularly enjoyed the parts of the book on blogging as I learned some new things that I plan to include in my own blogging in the future. I also never really knew that food photography was a real photography area and I can’t wait to tell a friend of mine about how she can combine her love of cooking, photography, and blogging together.

All in all, I found Heart Seasons: The Rainbow Revelation by Dianna Donnely to be an inspirational read that has inspired me to begin to make some real changes in my own life. Sefina Hawke, Readers’ Favorite – 5 Stars

Dianna Donnely pens a testimonial of faith in Heart Seasons – The Rainbow Revelation. Donnely sets the stage by preparing the reader with insights into the colors of the rainbow spectrum. Each of the colors represents a season of the heart for her main character.

My favorite line: “It’s not how you begin your life that matters, it’s how you choose to make the journey.” This statement is profoundly true. Heart Seasons reveals the patient, ever-presence of God. His ways and His timing are perfect, and truly, “God gives us grace for the season we are in.” Cheryl E. Rodriguez, Readers’ Favorite – 4 Stars




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Author: Dianna

Dianna Donnely is the Author of “Heart Seasons: The Rainbow Revelation” and a Blogger who is passionate about "Easy Real Food Recipes" made with wholesome ingredients. A theme that runs throughout “Heart Seasons” is the heroine Lily’s love of nutritious foods and cooking, making it a natural transition to the next publishing adventure. A series of “Easy Real Food Recipes” cookbooks!

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