Affordable Artificial Lighting for Food Photography

Living in the Pacific Northwest makes it difficult to get enough natural light for successful food photography on a consistent basis. Finally, this winter I decided it was time to get some help and spent several weeks studying my options for artificial lighting.

I was so happy to discover this very affordable lighting kit and wanted to share my find with you. It has great reviews, includes the light bulb, the stand and a light diffuser. Surprisingly, the price is under $40 for the complete kit. It works great for my food photography and I give it five stars!!

LimoStudio Lighting

LimoStudio Photography Studio Continuous Softbox Lighting Kit with Photo CFL 105W Bulb

  • (1) x LimoStudio 86″ Tall Light Stand
  • (1) x LimoStudio Full Spectrum Light Lighting Bulb 105W Photography Photo CFL 6500K Daylight Balanced Pure White Light
  • (1) x LimoStudio Octagon Softbox Video Studio Portait Lighting Light

Find all the details in the “Food Photography Favorites” section of our Shop.

LimoStudio Lighting


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