Memories of Margrit

Memories of Margrit

Memories of MargritBy Patty Thurlby. I happened on a yard sale when I was on my way to Ken’s Super Friendly Market on Avenue U.  As I entered the yard a quick glance at the tables told me I probably wasn’t going to be interested in anything at this sale.  At the first table there were two vintage mirror/ hairbrush dresser sets.  Out of curiosity  I picked up one of the hand mirrors to see if the mirror was in decent condition.  The owner seized on my vague interest and quickly said…

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I LOVE this story and its history! Enjoy Patty’s creative artistic work on Etsy at her LittleLaLaOriginals store full of beautiful unique glass window valances.

Memories of Margrit

Also, find more of her inspiring stories and DIY Instructions on her WhimziVille blog.

Heart Seasons: A Journey of Miracles
A spiritual fiction novel inspired by real life events is available HERE.

Heart Seasons Second Edition

Dianna’s Easy Real Food Recipes

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