Memories of Margrit

Memories of MargritBy Patty Thurlby. I happened on a yard sale when I was on my way to Ken’s Super Friendly Market on Avenue U.  As I entered the yard a quick glance at the tables told me I probably wasn’t going to be interested…

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I LOVE this story and its history! Enjoy Patty’s creative artistic work on Etsy at her WhimziVille store, which offers mostly re-purposed treasures or her LittleLaLaOriginals store full of beautiful unique glass window valances. Also, find more of her inspiring stories and DIY Instructions on her WhimziVille blog.

Author: Dianna

Dianna Donnely is the Author of “Heart Seasons: The Rainbow Revelation” Who is Passionate About a Healthy Happy Lifestyle and Easy Real Food Recipes! "Easy Real Food Recipes" Cookbooks Coming in the Future!

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