Summer in My Favorite Park

Scenes of Summer From My Favorite Park

Central Park at Orenco Station is an inspirational place for me, since I spent time there almost every day while I wrote my novel.

Following is a snippet from Heart Seasons: A Journey of Miracles for you to enjoy.

‘Life in the heart of beautiful Orenco Station was an incredible “God Thing.” One of my joys each day was walking around Central Park, admiring the hanging flower baskets and the massive trellis covered in Indigo Wisteria.

Then I would mosey down the quiet streets through the charming neighborhood savoring the lush, well-maintained lawns and landscaping. The abundance of trees, ornamental grasses, shrubs and flowers all created a sanctuary for me that I cherished.

These visuals, along with the convenience of restaurants, many shops and services, an inviting church and easy access to the MAX light-rail system were more than I could’ve asked for.

In addition to all that, the unique walking community allowed me to shop at New Seasons Market, my favorite grocery store, just a few blocks away.

If that wasn’t enough, the Hillsboro Sunday Farmers’ Market at Orenco Station features a huge selection of local fresh fruits and vegetables. Creating healthy wholesome meals was my daily priority and I was finding peace in my new life in spite of the chaos.

The blessing of the wonderful home we were provided in the midst of the bad news that had been accumulating recently wasn’t lost on me.

Each night before I fell asleep, I prayed, “Thank you God for being a part of my life and for answering my prayers. Thank you God!”’

My Spiritual Fiction Novel Based on Real Life Events Heart Seasons: A Journey of Miracles is available HERE!

Heart Seasons Second Edition Cover

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