Today’s Haul!

Today's HaulBy Patty Thurlby. I went to three garage sales today and raked it in!  The prices were FABULOUS and I even got the courage up to ask for a bargain on the doilies.  YAY!  When I find such cool stuff, I get a little tipsy…

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On top of the usual ongoing challenges in my life, I recently received a little something extra to add to the list. All of sudden, out of the blue, my laptop of three years experienced a motherboard failure, which has drastically affected my ability to complete any “Real Food Meals” posts.

I’m using a volunteer laptop to get by until the problem is resolved and unfortunately, its technical capacity is limited and there is definitely technology involved in “Food Photography.”

I’ve decided to lighten things up a little while I’m waiting for my laptop resolution and that means sharing some “Just for Fun” posts from my artist friend, Patty Thurlby.

ENJOY Patty’s artistic “Whimsical Point of View” in her “Today’s Haul!!” post or see all of her posts on her WhimziVille blog.

Author: Dianna

Dianna Donnely is the Author of “Heart Seasons: The Rainbow Revelation” Who is Passionate About a Healthy Happy Lifestyle and Easy Real Food Recipes! Real Food Meals Recipe Books Coming in the Future!

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