Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Collection

“Dark Chocolate Collection” for the Holiday Season

A holiday tip from me to you. Trader Joe’s “Dark Chocolate Collection” makes the perfect gift for that chocolate lover on your gift list during the holiday season or they make the perfect treat for yourself.

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Collection

Every December I look forward to getting one or two boxes of these wonderful chocolates just for me. My sister usually gives me a box as a gift. A piece every now and then is a great way to escape from the everyday hecticness of life for a moment.

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Collection

There are two layers in each box for a total of 16 pieces to indulge in. Two of each flavor in a fun box, they’re affordable and they’re dark chocolate, which makes me feel like they’re on the healthier side. They have 6 grams of sugar per piece and that’s not bad compared to a lot of other holiday treats.

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Collection

I love the little card included in the box with photos to assist in choosing which piece to taste next. It becomes part of the process to sit down with the box and look at the pictures with their titles and decide what you’re in the mood for.

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Collection

My favorite is the Coconut Crumble, but the Chocolate Crunch and Brazilian Orange are yummy too. There’s also the Café Macchiato and Sicilian Lemon. Actually, I love them all and they’re rich and decadent enough for me to be satisfied with just one.

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Collection

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Collection! “A deliciously indulgent assortment of European Dark Chocolate made with the finest ingredients.” Great for parties and as gifts for family or friends or anyone. Give them a try and enjoy!

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  1. It is one of the best quality dark chocolate collections for Christmas. Thanks a lot; you have solved my biggest problem because at present I know how to give a perfect Christmas gift for loved ones!


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