Popcorn with Shredded Asiago Cheese or Savory Season Salt

Popcorn may seem like just a crunchy delicious snack to accompany a movie or TV night at home or to satisfy that nervous munchie urge, but when prepared correctly the health benefits of popcorn are impressive.

Popcorn with Asiago Cheese or Season Salt

First, I begin with organic popcorn kernels. Nothing else on the ingredient list, just organic popcorn. You can use either microwave popcorn or you can pop the kernels yourself. I use quick and easy microwave popcorn when I’m in a hurry or when I have time, I like to pop the whole kernels myself. You can find both products in our Healthy Living Shop.

Popcorn with Asiago Cheese or Season Salt


Popcorn with Asiago Cheese or Season Salt

After popping the corn, whether it’s in the microwave or in a popcorn popping appliance, divide the popped corn into bowls and top each with the topping of your choice. Or, of course, it can be eaten plain.

Popcorn with Asiago Cheese or Season Salt

I love popcorn for a snack and eat it often in a variety of ways. Today, I chose shredded Asiago cheese for one bowl, for me, and for the other bowl, my husband’s, I chose a light dusting of savory organic season salt.

Be sure to sprinkle the cheese topping on as soon as possible after the popping stops, while the popcorn is still hot, so it can melt a bit. But, if you really want to be healthy, I recommend topping the plain organic popcorn with Bragg Nutritional Yeast Seasoning.

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Popcorn with Asiago Cheese or Season Salt

The health benefits of popcorn come primarily from its impressive fiber content and its antioxidant, vitamin B complex, manganese, and magnesium content. It’s a natural whole grain, so it contains all of the fiber from its bran, which is great for your digestion. Enjoy popcorn regularly as a snack, but be sure to keep it clean.

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