Laptop with screwdriver and wrench

20 Tools Every Writer Needs

Laptop with screwdriver and wrench.

By AR Huelsenbeck. Are you ready to get serious about your writing? Set yourself up for success by stocking up on the things you’ll need:

  1. A quiet area you can set up as your writing space. For most people, a writer’s study is a luxury. Four of my five children had to grow up and move out before I had a room of my own. But if you don’t have a whole room to yourself, claim a corner somewhere.
  2. A desk and chair, preferably a comfortable one. Desks are expensive, but you may be able to find a reasonably priced one at a garage sale or thrift store. Or…

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This post contains some fun and some practical common sense tips for setting up a work environment for successful writing. They may seem simple, but it’s a good place to start if you’re having trouble getting motivated. Happy writing!

20 Tools Every Writer Needs

Laptop with screwdriver and wrench

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