Patty Thurlby Upcycle Porthole

Upcycled Frame Porthole Tutorial

For a break from the routine of everyday life, I’ve selected some fun summer projects from artist Patty Thurlby. Patty is my good friend who is amazingly creative and I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do, her whimsical pieces often make me smile. I love this Upcycled Porthole wall art.

Patty Thurlby Upcycle Porthole

By Patty Thurlby. I was so excited to convert one of the round wood frames that I found at a rummage sale this weekend, for 50 cents each, into a porthole. I imagined it rusty but with some faux verdigris showing through.

I got the fasteners at a garage sale the other day and they worked perfectly to simulate the rivets on a porthole. I used some wire cutters to clip off the ends, the ends will make some cute earrings, I used hot glue to adhere the “rivets” to…

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In addition, here are a series of fun posts showing us some of Patty’s new jewelry projects. The pieces are creative and whimsical and maybe they’ll be available for purchase online eventually. Hopefully!!

Patty Thurlby Leather Pendant Patty

By Patty Thurlby. I had to get out my high-powered granny glasses this week. I can get by with magnification +1.50- + 1.75 for reading and working on my 3-dimensional crafts. Ha! +2.50 is barely enough to see the small stuff. POOR ME! If you had a video of me working you would see me switch different glasses for each step while I made these fun leather pendants from a leather pouch in my garage sale report.

I planned to make earrings or a bracelet, but I got the idea for a pendant! I made two versions, one to sell and one to keep…

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Patty Thurlby Pendants

By Patty Thurlby. You can’t imagine the mess I make when I am working on necklaces!  I need to spread out, I like all my “stuff” to be in sight so tables are littered with jars, containers and acrylic box frames that hold necklace elements. I never worry about matching metal colors because I like the whimsy of mixing them.

I only found jewelry elements at garage sales this weekend, so I spent time today using some of the keys and the copper alphabet letters. I can hardly wait for Friday to see what I will find at…

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Patty Thurlby Earrings

By Patty Thurlby. Rock and roll! That is the phrase I use when I have all my supplies right next to me and I create an assembly line of earrings. I didn’t reach my goal of 100 pairs of earrings, but I did fill up this earring display I got last year for the Christmas Bazaar.

I found the display at a thrift store in Manzanita, Oregon for $4.00! Then I spent probably $10.00 on the magnets. LOL! The magnets have a little metal swirl with a hook that I glued on with E6000 so now I have a place to store my earrings on their cards. The display holds 64 earrings and I got…

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Patty Thurlby Blue

By Patty Thurlby. Whew, it has been a whirlwind week using all the jewelry elements I found at garage sales last weekend!  I finished up the week with a stained-glass window project with the gorgeous moody blue beads that were a perfect match for some stained glass that has been sitting on the shelf for quite a while.

The plan was to make two new valances using the beaded necklaces, but I ran out of energy and inspiration for the green necklace.  Maybe next week?  Probably…

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Feel free to visit Patty’s Whimziville website to browse all her creative art pieces.

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