End of Summer Sunset

Another Summer Season is Coming to an End

This summer has gone by unbelievably quick. There has been a lot going on in the family and all of a sudden, the weather has gone from 95° to 65° almost overnight. In fact, we’ve just experienced the first real rain we’ve had in a long time. I’m not saying I mind it at all. I’m an Oregon girl and I love the rain and the fresh air and the greenery that comes with it.

End of Summer Sunset

I also love an end of summer sunset that comes with the changing of the seasons. It’s one of my favorite things about living in the Pacific Northwest, we have four definite seasons. Just about the time I’m feeling ready for the current season to end, the next one comes along. That applies to life seasons also and I’m sensing a new season beginning there as well.

Coming next in the seasons of the earth is my favorite one of all, Fall! I can’t wait for the amazing colors of nature, the cool weather and the rustic fall foods, like apples, pumpkins and soup. Try my Apple, Cranberry & Walnut Refrigerator Oatmeal recipe or check out my Fuji Apples the Nutrient Rich Fiber Powerhouse post about the health benefits of apples.

End of Summer Sunset

My novel Heart Seasons takes place in a fictional beach town inspired by the place of my birth just a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean. These photos were taken at the Cove in my hometown on the Northern Oregon Coast by my little brother.

End of Summer Sunset

“This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24, NLT

Heart Seasons Second Edition




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  1. Oh I wish we were at 65 degrees out where we are! Slowly making our way, but not quite there yet – not consistently at least. But summer sure did fly by! Looking forward to fall and Christmas though ☕🥧🎄


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