Cranberry Relish, Ricotta and Crackers Snack

Holiday Easy Real Food Recipes & Other Stuff

I’m always looking for something quick and easy to whip up during the holiday season. Whether it’s a quick breakfast or snack or an easy dessert, I’ve included some ideas to share with you. I recently prepared a raw cranberry relish for the first time and soon found there are many simple ways to enjoy it and it’s definitely festive for the holidays. 

It’s perfect as a snack on some sturdy pita crackers with a little ricotta cheese or on toast for breakfast with a turkey sausage patty on the side for some protein. Top some thick Greek yogurt with it or my little brother even spooned it over some ice cream and raved about that combination. 

Here’s a tasty crunchy snack quickly put together using my Tangy and Refreshing Raw Cranberry Relish recipe along with some ricotta cheese and multi-grain pita crackers.

For this recipe, be sure to drain the juice from the relish first, then top a crispy pita cracker with a little ricotta cheese, then add the drained relish. This snack or appetizer is crunchy, creamy and the raw relish adds a refreshing tangy flavor. It’s a great holiday season recipe.

Or just spread some good quality whole grain toasted bread with some of the ricotta cheese and then top it with some of the drained raw cranberry relish. It makes an amazing healthy breakfast, so toasty and fresh tasting.

Or serve the cranberry toast with a turkey sausage patty for some added protein. It’s a balanced breakfast with the carbs, protein and fruit. The relish has the fresh cranberries, an apple and an orange, so it definitely covers the vitamin c requirement.

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