Easy Bird Seed Feeder Recipe

This DIY project from my friend Patty Thurlby, posted on her Whimziville blog, is not only creative but functional and these little seed feeders are oh so cute. What a perfect way to help the birds out during the winter season!

Bird Seed Feeder 1

By Patty Thurlby. Around here, I have turned into a bird referee trying to keep things fair in the backyard.  Our yard intersects with four other backyards the way the lots meet. Everyone has trees in their yard so we enjoy a natural bird aviary.  We have year round hummingbird feeders right next to the window, with hummers coming every hour in the daylight.  In the winter we put up suet cages and to my dismay, the crows and blue jays decided we were their new diner and all the little birds were left out and had to forage on their own.

Last summer I went to a garage sale and got a…

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Bird Seed Feeder 3

Find the supplies and DIY Instructions in Patty’s post Easy Bird Seed Feeder Recipe.

Feel free to visit Patty’s Whimziville website to browse all her creative art pieces.

Bird Seed Feeder

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  1. My (late) mother would have loved this. She was always making tasty treats for the wildlife in her large garden, particularly the birds.

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