Hourglass as a Symbol of the Passing Time

Anything Worth Having is Worth Waiting For!

I’ve been tempted to question the saying “Anything Worth Having is Worth Waiting For” a lot lately!! I still agree with it, but I’d like to share a little story with you. It’s been three months since Hubby and I made an offer on our new home and the builder has changed our closing date three times, the third being yesterday. We are purchasing a one level condo in a new construction secured building with an elevator, so there have been plenty of opportunities for issues to arise.

Hourglass as a Symbol of the Passing Time

To make an offer on the new home, we were required to list our existing home for sale within ten days. We listed it at a high number and it sold 23 hours later at full asking price. That was clearly a blessing, but the following day we called the condo builder to confirm our closing date so we could complete our townhouse negotiations with some accuracy and that’s when we were informed the completion of our condo would be delayed 30 days.

Ok, so I understand things happen and we are grateful the buyers of our townhouse are such fantastic people. They offered to rent-back to us for a period of time so we didn’t have to move immediately and amazingly offered a week of that time rent-free. We focused on looking for the positives in our journey, set a closing date on the townhouse sale and continued packing. And then, 15 minutes after the sale of our home was recorded and official, the condo builder called to tell us there would be an additional 30-day delay in construction due to elevator issues. Now we were in a predicament and in two short weeks we would be without any home at all!

Hourglass as a Symbol of the Passing Time

Fortunately, the builder stepped up and offered to pay for a storage unit to move our belongings into and provided a furnished apartment for us to stay in. They also offered to pay for the move from the storage unit into the condo when the time comes. We brought our suitcases and a few other belongings and moved into the apartment and have been waiting for time to pass and any tidbit of good news since then.

Last Friday morning, which happened to be my birthday, the builder called and announced our closing date would be the following Thursday. There are other people in this apartment complex in the same situation we are and people were happy that it was finally going to be over. All sounds good, right?? Well, Hubby and I, not being people to let things happen by chance, kept quizzing everyone we could about the “details.” This builder is a huge corporation and several people have been working with us.

On the afternoon before our appointment to sign papers to close our sale, we accidentally learned there was a problem with the city issuing a “Certificate of Occupancy.” So, we weren’t as surprised as other people were when things didn’t go as expected on closing day and were already prepared to reschedule the trades we had hired to make minor modifications before we moved in, as well as rescheduling deliveries we had lined up.

Hourglass as a Symbol of the Passing Time

To finish the story quickly, we and others have signed all the required paperwork and paid the required money, but closing on the sale of our condos has not taken place yet. The sales cannot be recorded without the “Certificate of Occupancy.” Finally, late this afternoon we received a call and were told the certificate had been issued, but the county offices close early on Friday, causing the official closing to be delayed until the following week, too late for our planned moving day. I understand things happen in construction, but am so glad this experience is almost over.

After rescheduling the movers, painters, a plumber and appliance deliveries, our move is now scheduled for April 4th, since that is the next date our moving company has available. Unless they have a cancellation, we will be waiting for more time to pass. Let me end by saying, our new condo is beautiful, safe and perfect for this time in our lives. It is everything we have asked God for and we are blessed to have such a wonderful place to live. This experience has helped develop my patience and trust and I am confident our new home will have been worth waiting for!!

I’m looking forward to getting to work in my new kitchen and begin my food photography and food blogging once again! With God’s grace and love a new season of my life is beginning!

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