Spicy Eggnog Pancakes

It Was A Wonderful Thanksgiving Day For Us!

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving Day for Hubby and me! The day before Thanksgiving I was scheduled to receive my 6th Chemotherapy treatment. After we arrived at the Oncology clinic and blood was drawn and tested, we were told I would not be receiving the treatment that day because the test results revealed my white blood cell count was too low.

Spicy Eggnog Pancakes

At first, we were pretty confused about what that meant. But, after we were assured this is a normal side-effect of chemo and I was warned to be careful and wear a surgical mask when around other people since my immune system is struggling, we accepted the good news that came along with it.

We will try the treatment again next week, so what that does is push our schedule out a week. That means no chemo for Thanksgiving week, and since the schedule is an infusion every two weeks, no chemo beginning Christmas Eve and continuing for two more days at home. And no portable chemo pump removal at the clinic on our 27th Anniversary, which is the day after Christmas and what we were originally facing.

It also means an additional week of recovery for me and I felt the difference right away. I actually woke up Thanksgiving morning with an appetite, which has been missing for weeks now. Hubby cooked a beautiful dinner for us and I was able to eat more than I have in quite a while. What a blessing! Chemo causes nausea and loss of appetite, so I’ve been losing weight since it started.

Spicy Eggnog Pancakes

Now that I’m thinking about food again, I want to share my recipe for the perfect Breakfast or Breakfast for Dinner Easy Real Food Recipe.
Festive Spicy Eggnog Pancakes with Whipped Cream.

Spicy Eggnog Pancakes

I also shared my happiness, about the good days this week, with some of my family and friends and thoroughly appreciate everyone’s joy for us. Thanksgiving is the perfect day to feel so grateful about our blessings. Thank you, God!

 It’s our first Thanksgiving without you Mom, we miss you very much!💖

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  1. So happy all the scheduling turned out timing
    perfect, and your Thanksgiving day was great.
    Ours was really nice, too..10 of us in all. Hoping
    the rest of your holidays are blessed..You’re in
    my prayers, gal! Big Hugs.


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