Iris's for Viv

In Celebration of My Sister and My Friend!

Life has delivered another gut punching blow! Last week my Sister-In-Law Vivian, who was also my very dear friend, suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. I know she is at peace now, but I miss her. I’ve included some photos of Irises in our neighborhood, because they were Viv’s favorite flowers and when I see them on my walks, I think of her.

Iris's for Viv 1

On the morning of Vivian’s birthday three weeks ago, her husband called 911 and she was transported from her home to the ICU at her local hospital. She had suffered a medical emergency and I’m told she never recovered enough to be aware of her situation. Then, within a few short days, she was shockingly gone. In addition to that, because of the times we are living in no visitors were allowed at the hospital and it breaks my heart she was alone most of the time until she passed.

Iris's for Viv 2

I last talked to Viv just two days before her birthday and I will always remember her last words to me, “I’m so happy you are in remission!” She was definitely happy, because my cancer diagnosis hit her very hard. We were both the eldest of five children and had a lot in common. We talked on the phone weekly, or more, and I will forever be grateful she was always available to talk when I was horribly sick from chemo. She was a special part of my life.

Iris's for Viv 3

The day my sister passed was also the day I had surgery to remove my Chemotherapy Port. It was also the day our hospital began allowing one person to accompany a patient having surgery into the hospital. So, Hubby was by my side and I’m thankful I didn’t have to go through it alone.

It was a monumental day for Hubby and I, because it was the day we were leaving chemo treatments permanently behind us. We are confident in God’s plan for me and are fearlessly going forward. We were so filled with joy in the morning, but by late afternoon, when we heard the devastating news about our sister, we were in shock.

God Bless You Viv, We Love You and Miss You! 

“I prayed to the Lord, and he answered me. He freed me from all my fears.Psalm 34:4, NLT

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