Cool Calming Pacific Northwest Rain

Cool Calming Pacific Northwest Rain!

A walk in the Pacific Northwest Fall rain is the perfect way to clear my mind. I was born just a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean and have an affinity for water, so It’s like meditation for me. This day the rain was steady, coming straight down, with no wind and was cool and calming. Our brain processes rain as a calming, non-threatening sound and is just what Hubby and I needed.

Cool Calming Pacific Northwest Rain

Warmly dressed in our trusty waterproof raincoats with hoods, no umbrellas needed for native Pacific Northwesterners, walking shoes and gloves for me, Hubby and I shared a relaxing afternoon walk around our neighborhood. As we walked and settled into an easy rhythm, listening to the constant drumming of the rain, I felt at peace and didn’t want it to end. We talked a little, but mostly walked.

Cool Calming Pacific Northwest Rain

Last year at this time we were in a battle with cancer for my life and I have to admit I took the ability to go for a simple walk in the rain for granted. But not now, in fact there are a lot of things Hubby and I don’t take for granted any longer. I think it’s been a good thing to be forced to slow down and go back to the basics and feel grateful for the simple things in life.

Some people say it rains too much in this part of the country, but I feel that’s what makes it special here. The rain is responsible for the greenery all around us and is something I don’t think I’d be happy living without. The rain has especially been a Godsend this Fall, clearing out residual smoke from last summer’s wildfires. I never thought I’d be so grateful to breath fresh, clean air again.

In addition to the rain, Hubby and I were blessed with walking through the gorgeous Fall leaves as they fell. While the autumn days grow shorter, the reduced light and lack of nutrients start a chemical change in the green leaves. Chlorophyll is broken down and the green color fades, revealing vibrant yellows, oranges and reds and they are stunning. It was the perfect day!

I read that rain can symbolize a good thing coming after a bad time or it can just mean the washing away of the old and regrowing something better and that sounds good to me!

“Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you your heart’s desires.” Psalm 37:4, NLT

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  1. I’m so sorry you and your husband had to endure cancer last fall/winter, but a year has passed and you two have come out stronger. Such beautiful pictures and a wonderful way to enjoy the weather. I get snow in the Midwest, and a 5 month old baby to enjoy it with, even during the pandemic.


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