Mother Nature Hits Hard in Our Area

After a couple of days I ventured outside, just briefly, since it’s 29° and mostly icy. Some spots have been cleared though, so I was very careful and stayed in the safe areas. You could say it is beautiful out there, but I know for some people Mother Nature’s hit was hard.

Mother Nature Hits Hard in the Portland Oregon Area

We’re in Oregon, just south of Portland, and Friday evening we experienced freezing rain that came down most of the night. It was strange to watch water puddling in places on the ground, while trees nearby were slowly becoming covered and heavy with ice. And our power flickered for hours.

Mother Nature Hits Hard in the Portland Oregon Area

I’ve heard reports that the county I live in has declared a State of Emergency because over 100,000 people are without power and roads are blocked by downed trees. I’ve also heard some people may not have power again for two weeks. That’s brutal!

Mother Nature Hits Hard in the Portland Oregon Area

The ice on the branches is so heavy trees are bending from the weight. As I walked down a sidewalk that had been cleared, I could hear the crashing sounds of ice falling from the massive trees a block away and made a mental note to stay away from them.

Mother Nature Hits Hard in the Portland Oregon Area

There is a coffee cart in the neighborhood square near my home and it shows the extent of the icicles all over the community. This kind of weather is not normal for our area, but we had several days warning and were prepared to stay home. We have also been blessed to still have power!

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