What a Difference a New Season Makes

What a Difference a New Season Makes!

The Spring Season is especially welcome this year, following a hard-hitting Winter Season ice storm. It’s simply amazing how the foliage has gone from brown and barren to green and alive so quickly. It seemed to happen overnight. But there are signs of the winter damage all over our neighborhood.

Even though these trees look beautiful compared to just a few weeks ago, there are lots of missing branches and visible wounds from the brutality of a severe ice storm in February. Thankfully, many volunteers along with the Home Owner’s Associations have done a great job cleaning up.

What a Difference a New Season Makes

Everywhere I walk throughout the community, there are trees still bending even though the ice is long gone. Hopefully, they’ll eventually recover from the trauma of the freezing rain we experienced for several days last winter. See the story HERE! Mother Nature Hits Hard in Our Area.

What a Difference a New Season Makes

The small forest a few blocks away from our home was hit very hard by the ice storm and for safety reasons, it was weeks before we could even enter the forest again. In this part of the wooded area, only branches were affected, but further down the path an entire tree fell.

It was shocking how many large trees were damaged, this one fell and was completely uprooted. A section of the tree blocking the walking path was removed, but the rest of it remains as is. It’s very sad to wander through the forest, that’s been here for decades, and see what has happened.

As the huge tree came down, it took a large branch from a nearby tree and twisted it like it was nothing. A previous blog post shows pictures from last summer, before the ice storm, when the paths were clear and the forest was unscathed. Click HERE! Is “Earthing” or “Grounding” a Real Thing?

What a Difference a New Season Makes

Just a few weeks ago, the forest was bare, bent and twisted, but today it feels like God is healing it. All the empty spaces are filling in with every glorious shade of green, the leaves and vines coming alive, gently caressing the brokenness, the cuts and the wounds.

The photo on the left was taken in the middle of February, during the ice storm. The image on the right shows what the same spot looks like today. In one Season, things can look cold, dark and bleak, but a new Season comes and the way we see everything changes.

Again, the photo on the left is during the ice storm and the one on the right is after. I am blessed to live where I can experience God’s splendid work so closely. I’ve literally watched the trees and shrubs around me come back to life right before my eyes. “What a Difference a New Season Makes!

It was 16 years ago today that my father unexpectedly passed away. He loved the forest, so I would like to dedicate this to him. We love you and miss you Dad!

“May the LORD bless you and protect you. May the LORD smile on you and be gracious to you. May the LORD show you his favor and give you his peace.” Numbers 6:24-26, NLT

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